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Re: Focus


Requires focusing on reprogramming to determine necessary actions, strategies, and resources. 

  • Identifying resources
  • Connecting with individuals who will support or help you
  • Finding solutions to obstacles
  • Planning where, when and how you will work

The third step requires refocusing to determine actions, strategies, and resources necessary to achieve your irresistible target. In our build grit process, refocusing is comparable to reprogramming where you develop an action plan to move towards your irresistible target.

 Achievement is not accidental. Successful individuals have vision and create a plan to execute with focus against that vision. Consequently, refocusing requires identifying specific daily tasks to accomplish. A common impediment of goal attainment is a neglecting to outline the precise tasks that must be accomplished on a day-to-day basis. While it is complicated and time consuming to determine specific daily tasks, failing to do so almost ensures that you will not reach your irresistible target.

Identifying effective strategies is one of the core components for efficient goal achievement. Psychologists have studied what differentiates experts from average, or even good, performers. You may have heard that expertise requires about ten thousand hours of practice, but it’s not just the amount of practice that matters, quality practice is crucial.

During the refocusing step, you will also identify internal and external resistance that slows or impedes progress. Often, the greatest sources of resistance are internal, and these can be the most difficult to overcome. Internal resistance comes in many forms and they are usually tied to negative thinking patterns. Our build grit process helps you to identify maladaptive thought patterns and develop a plan to practice positive thinking states on a daily basis. You can take captive these negative thoughts and redirect them.

In addition to identifying strategies, refocusing involves identifying resources available for an efficient action plan. Resources include the culture you work and live in. One of the most important resources are other individuals. Researchers have found two critically important factors that highly resilient individuals have in common—resilient individuals feel they can master their environment, and they have strong social support networks. Our build grit process includes identifying individuals who provide four types of support: mentoring, assistance, accountability, and motivational support.

Finally, refocusing requires identifying individuals to help motivate and provide moral support. Certainly, collaborators often have similar goals and provide momentum for target attainment; however, some individuals in your life probably produce unnecessary resistance, and create barriers. Thus, part of refocusing is to develop a plan to distance yourself from these destructive individuals. Your social circle can be one of your greatest assets, but it can also be one of your greatest liabilities. On your journey towards your target, you do not have time to be dragged into the mud by destructive or negative people.

Refocusing is about fine tuning your action plan by establishing when, where, and how tasks will be accomplished. An ambitious irresistible target can be intimidating, but the key is to break it down into its component parts. Intermediate targets were established in the first step of resetting, now it’s time to create a plan for daily actions.

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“Happiness is the real sense of fulfillment that comes from hard work.”

– Joseph Barbara