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Re: Flect


Involves reflecting on purpose, identity, and values to create meaning for your target.

  • Identifying consistent interest and values
  • Considering identity development (Who you are becoming)
  • Creating meaning in your life

The first step requires reflecting on your purpose, identity, and values to create meaning for your target. Reflection is imperative because establishing purpose provides motivation and strength for grinding through resistance. Purpose ignites passion and accelerates goal attainment.

We define purpose as a process of deriving meaning in life and nurturing a commitment to valued principles. Our build grit process provides a framework to identify values and common interests that embody your character. Purpose provides a catalyst for goal achievement and provides deliberate intention so that daily efforts are related to a common and meaningful objective.

Developing purpose and meaning in life is the most powerful motivator and cultivator of progress, but often individuals and organizations lose sight, or even neglect to identify, what their purpose is. Failing to pause and work through this step can have devastating consequences. When life brings challenges that seem insurmountable, purpose provides the reason to keep you going.

A study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies found that purpose is associated with perseverance; individuals in the study who reported the highest levels of grit also reported the highest levels of purpose. The association between grit and purpose suggests that individuals who have purpose in life will display long-term perseverance, and therefore are more likely to reach their goals.

Another component of reflection is expanding your identity. Exploring your identity, and forming a vision for who you are becoming, directs actions and future goals. Your identity shapes every aspect of your life—your thought processes, decisions, daily habits, and the people you surround self with are based, in part, on how you view yourself. One aim of reflection is to recognize limiting or negative beliefs about oneself, which undermines progress and goal achievement. To continuously achieve at high levels, you must seek to become more than you currently perceive yourself. Our build grit process assists in uncovering harmful beliefs and generates strategies for developing a productive sense of self. During reflection, you will create a vision of your ideal future self. Identity development requires work and mindfulness. Without conscientiously considering your current sense of identity, and create a vision of who you want to become, then you will likely stagnate or have a suboptimal view of oneself.

The process of reflection requires humility, honesty, vulnerability, and accountability. For reflection to be effective, it is paramount to obtain feedback from other individuals because it is difficult to assess our own strengths and weaknesses objectively. Reflection also involves evaluating mistakes and failures to identify areas of opportunity for improvement.

Reflection sets the stage for identifying meaningful targets and provides purpose for grinding through difficult daily tasks and obstacles. When goals and daily work are associated with deliberate intentions that are connected to a purpose, you can find the strength in the deepest reaches to keep pushing. Finding a sense of purpose in your life will give you a boost in your most difficult days and will help you remember why you are working through the resistance.

Our build grit process begins with reflection to clarify and deepen purpose, but it is not a step that occurs once. Reflection on purpose and identity should be continuous and evolve overtime. In fact, the entire build grit process is cyclical. To foster continuous growth and development, each step should be revisited periodically at a minimum, but even daily as a habit. With each cycle, new and deeper insight and momentum will emerge to push your limits and accelerate movement towards your irresistible target.

Reflection requires a dedication to identifying the why behind your goals because a clearly defined why provides the strongest drive for actions.

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“Happiness is the real sense of fulfillment that comes from hard work.”

– Joseph Barbara