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Re: Engage


Necessitates executing with discipline against the plan. 

  • Executing efficient, high-quality and vigorous effort
  • Assessing progress
  • Seeking feedback from others, especially an expert or mentor
  • Pushing through resistance

The last step, reengage, is about executing with discipline against the plan.

Grit is a habit, but before anything becomes a habit it must first be practiced as a discipline. As noted in the RE: Focus step, achieving at a high level requires effortful, sustained and smart practice. In essence, by participating in the RE: Flect, RE: Set, and RE: Focus steps you are already engaging and building grit. These steps best position you to move with the most effectiveness and efficiency toward your target.

The more authentically, intentionally, and deliberately you engage the build grit process, the more it will reflect in how you engage your day and your journey.

Consistent discipline is not just about outward actions, but also inward thoughts. The battle is first won between the ears. Effective daily engagement requires a commitment to healthy thought patterns; thus, you must be disciplined with adapting positivity. You must learn to take captive of every thought and direct or redirect appropriately. Engaging necessitates taking responsibility of being present and how you interact with others to improve the quality of your social engagement. How you interact with others not only impacts the life you will experience, but also impacts the mark you leave on this world.

A critical part of this stage is that you are assessing progress, and taking responsibility when progress towards your target slows, or even regresses. During engagement, people may be at risk of grinding through unnecessary resistance. But evaluating whether we are making efficient progress can sometimes be difficult because our own perspectives are limited. Thus, it is imperative to seek feedback from other people and embrace constructive criticism to obtain a more accurate perception of areas of opportunity.

Champions are revealed in the light, but it is the effort in the dark that determines success. Engaging means embracing the uncomfortable. Because while comfort breeds mediocrity, effort breeds grit, and grit breeds excellence.

Overtime, this process becomes an integral fabric of your being. It becomes habitual. Grit begets grit.

The 365 Grit process is continuous. Most of living a gritty life is execution, and thus the daily grind is about engagement, but it is crucial to revisit the process periodically for continuous growth.

This is 365 GRIT.

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“Happiness is the real sense of fulfillment that comes from hard work.”

– Joseph Barbara