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Build G.R.I.T.

The 365 G.R.I.T. Process

involves deliberate daily engagement for meaningful goal achievement:

RE: Flect

Step 1: Reflect on purpose, identity, and values to create meaning for your target.

RE: Set

Step 2: Reset target, removing barriers of resistance (internal / external), and setting mid-level targets.

RE: Focus

Step 3: Refocus on reprogramming to determine necessary actions, strategies, and resources.

RE: Engage

Step 4: Reengage and execute with discipline against the plan.

  • Identifying consistent interest and values
  • Considering identity development (Who you are becoming)
  • Creating meaning in your life
  • Selecting on primary target aligned with your purpose
  • Identifying short-term goals related to your primary target
  • Removing goals not aligned with your primary target
  • Identifying resources
  • Connecting with individuals who will support or help you
  • Finding solutions to obstacles
  • Planning where, when and how you will work
  • Executing efficient, high-quality and vigorous effort
  • Assessing progress
  • Seeking feedback from others, especially an expert or mentor
  • Pushing through resistance

Grit, one of the keys to success.

The Person who perseveres is the one who will surely win. Success does not come from giving up, it comes from believing in yourself and continuously working towards the realization of a worthy ideal. Do not ever give up on what you want most. You know what you truly want. Believe in your dreams and goals and take daily consistent action in order to make your dreams a reality. 

Our Build Grit process promotes champion cultures and habits that cultivate success and achievement.