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the 365 Build G.R.I.T. process


Building GRIT fosters a life of meaningful goal achievement and success. Living GRIT is about the love of the journey where your daily actions provide fulfillment and purpose.

GRIT is a muscle that can be built through daily intentional actions.

RE: Flect

Step 1: 

Purpose, Identity, and Values

  • Identifying consistent interest and values
  • Considering identity development (Who you are becoming?)
  • Creating meaning and purpose in your life

RE: Set

Step 2:

Setting Your Targets

  • Selecting on primary target aligned with your purpose
  • Identifying short-term goals related to your primary target
  • Removing goals not aligned with your primary target

RE: Focus

Step 3: 

Determine Strategies & Resources

  • Identifying resources
  • Connecting with individuals who will support or help you
  • Finding solutions to obstacles
  • Planning where, when and how you will work

RE: Engage

Step 4: 

Execute with Discipline

  • Executing efficient, high-quality and vigorous effort
  • Assessing progress
  • Seeking feedback from others, especially an expert or mentor
  • Pushing through resistance